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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does an average commercial cost?

A: It varies depending on the type of commercial you want. It is like someone stating they want to buy a car. You could spend a little, or you could spend a large amount. The best thing to do is to develop a concept and then a script.

A good, basic commercial will probably cost you around $500.00. This would include about 1 to 2 hours of taping, 1 to 2 hours of editing, script, voice work, and about 2 Master files. You could certainly produce a commercial for less, and you could spend quite a bit more. The concept and script are the keys.
Q: Is closed captioning an option?

A: All programs of 5 minutes or longer, airing between 6 a.m. and 1 a.m., have to be closed-captioned if they air on a broadcast station. Broadcast stations are affiliates such as NBC®, ABC®, CBS®, and FOX®. Some of the smaller affiliates, like The CW, are more lenient and don't require closed-captioning. It all depends on the market.

Access channels on cable are exempt from closed captioning at least for now. At some point in time, the FCC may require all TV commercials, and even programs on cable, to have closed-captioning. Call us for more details.
Q: Explain your finished minute rate.

A: The finished minute rate is based on the amount of time your project ends up being. For instance, a 5-minute video at $1,000.00 per finished minute would cost you $5,000.00. We base that rate on our company taking your entire project and completing it from start to finish. Under the finished minute rate, we develop the concept, write the script, do all the taping, editing, voice work, graphics, music, and provide the master on whatever format or formats you stipulate, providing we have that format. This also includes computer files for Websites and the Internet. We write the script to stay within the time both parties agree on.

Sometimes we come up a little short, and sometimes it goes longer than expected. As long as it does not go over by 1 minute or more, there is no additional charge. Sometimes when you have sound bites that are added, it is hard to keep them at a certain length because you really have no control over what people say when they are interviewed. As long as the script stays within the time both parties agree upon, then the price does not change.
Q: How does my church get on TV?

A: The first thing you need to do is devise a budget. Define your purpose for going on TV. Then, without signing any contract, consider a time you might deem appropriate for your broadcast. Once you do that, call all the stations in your area and find out what it costs to air a 30-minute show. Don't let them pressure you into securing airtime. Let them know you are only devising your budget and you will let them know when you are ready to proceed.
Now you need to find someone to produce your program. You can certainly purchase your own equipment, but be weary of who you contact. Some companies will not take the time to make sure you know what you are buying and will sell you equipment that is obsolete, or that may not be what is best for you. Or you can contract a production facility like us to handle everything, including getting the airtime for you.

There are a number of costs involved, and the process could take a few months to get ready and organized. Going on TV is a big commitment, and you want to make sure it is something you want to do. Lastly, even if you don't use our company for production, air time, or closed-captioning, we would be more than happy to discuss your possibilities absolutely free of charge.
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